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Honoring the Victims of 9-11 (Profile of Corey Peter Miller)

This weekend and on 9-11, Anti-MSM pays tribute to one of the victims of 9-11: Corey Peter Miller, who had his life cut short at age 34, by murderous scum representing a sick way of life.

Corey never did anything to these Islamofascists. All he did wrong in their eyes was to simply live in America: a country that doesn't adhere to their philosophy of wiping Jews and Christians off the face of the Earth. When he went to work that day, he had no idea that he would become a victim of a war that had long ago been declared against us, but never responded to by our country until that fateful day.

His pastimes included watching hockey (he was a big New Jersey Devils fan), attending the annual Renaissance Faire, and going to parties with his friends. He was engaged to be married to his fiancée, Stacy R. Rosen, a woman he had met in 1994. They were to be married in 2004, using the time from their engagement in December 2000 until their wedding day to save up money for an apartment in Queens, only to have it taken away on a day that Americans will not (or at least should not) ever forget.

The New York Times has a profile dedicated to Corey's life.

As we are now on the 5th anniversary of 9-11, we stop to remember this tragic day, honor the lives lost that day, and strengthen our resolve to win our War on Islamofascists! Never can we sit by and pretend that these terrorists can be compromised with or appeased! Never can we forget the vicious attack on our soil!

For those who have forgotten, a reminder of what evil was done against our country. To paraphrase our President, we cannot tire, we cannot falter, and we cannot fail!